Grace Life Events Holds Sexual Abuse Workshop in Lagos

As the world marked the International Day of The Girl Child on Wednesday, founder of Grace Life Events, Debbie Enenmoh has announced her organisation’s upcoming program on Sexual Abuse holding on 21st October.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Grace Event Centre, Orchid Hotel Road, Lekki, Lagos, Enenmoh urged parents to do something fast to protect their children from sexual abuse now rampant in the society.

Announcing the workshop, Enenmoh said the upcoming event is targeting the vulnerable people in the society who do not have voices.

“We are targeting the vulnerable people in the society to talk about issues of sexual abuse,” she said, stating further that children are already getting involved in sexual abuses against themselves. “Sometimes children are getting involved in the child to child abuse. This initiative is talking about sexual abuse, domestic violence and related issues. We have to do something to protect our children. We are going to be focusing on sexual abuse at the event,” she said.

Also at the event, moderator of the press conference, Justina Oha told the press that sexual abuse is right before the society than ever before.

“More than ever, sexual abuse is right before us. It is close to our doorsteps. It may not have happened to any of us here or our family members, but we need to be well informed,” she said.

“We believe that as individual and as a community we should be talking about this issue. Part of the things we should be addressing is that sexual abuse also happens among children. “When we hear about sexual violence, we think about adult abusing children but there are now children abusing children,” she enlightened.

While providing details on the workshop, the organisers said registration for the event is free and there are busses to convey participants from Yaba to the venue. However, intending participants are required to text ‘SAW’ to +2348099929511 along with full name or providing same details to The workshop shall also provide free counseling for participants at the event.

A psychologist, Oluwatosin Akinloye at the event, enlightened the press on issues surrounding sexual abuse from a psychologist’s perspective. Worried about sexual abuse in Nigeria, Akinloye gave alarming statistics. “Over the years we have come to see that the statistics of sexual abuse in Nigeria is on the rise. We are in a society where people don’t want to talk about it. Child abuse goes beyond pedophilia,” she enlightened.

Speaking further, she however enjoined adults to speak up against sexual abuse now rampant in the society. “Every one of us adult, we are mandated to speak up and talk about sexual abuse. It is not just about the girl, it is also about the boy.


“We educate children, telling them their body is theirs and it belongs to them,” she said. Worried about television contents and what the children are daily exposed to, Akinloye said, “Our television contents are sexualized. I’m a psychologist and we know that at age 0-6, children want to practicalise what they see.

“Children tell us when they are uncomfortable but we don’t listen. When a child says ‘I don’t want to go there,’ that is not the time to scold her. That is the time to find out what is happening. We don’t pay attention to them.

Warning adults on their activities around minors, Akinloye said, “Indecent activities, sexual activities and things they cannot cognitively comprehend are sexual abuse against children. You are indirectly exposing them to sexual activities.

“You see mothers telling their daughters how to wind their waists, it is wrong! What are you teaching them?” she queried.

“Children are sexually abused on a daily basis by themselves but we don’t pay attention. When there is no parental control on what they are exposed to, you are indirectly exposing them. Sexual abuse go more than pedophilia because sexual abuse go on even among seven year olds. We believe every child has a right to healthy childhood,” she said.

According to the organization, Debbie Enenmoh, Titilayo Adeniyi, Coordinator, Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team and Akinloye Oluwatosin of the Cece Yara Foundation are facilitating sessions at the 21st October event.



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