Girls, 9 and 7 dazzle audience on saxophone, keyboard

Dayo Emmanuel

For the family of Arc and Mrs. Ikechukwu Nzewuihe, there is really nothing to worry about in having three girls.

This is because this family of five is already on the path of defying stereotypes and tradition surrounding having a family of all girls.

ZioraIfechukwu Nzewuihe is nine years old and already plays the saxophone well.

The Primary 5 pupil of Tomobid School, Lagos relays how she started out. “I started playing in 2015. I learnt it at home, my music teacher comes to teach me at home,” she said.

The young instrumentalist who desires to go far as a saxophonist added that she would like to study medicine as she continues as a gospel artiste in future.

On the other hand her younger sister, Kosisichukwu, a primary 3 pupil of Early Beginners International School, Lagos plays the keyboard.

“I am seven years old and in primary three. I learnt from my sister that we should not tell lies,” said seven year old Kosisochukwu who disclosed she learnt the keyboard through the help of God and through her music teacher.


While Ziora was on her saxophone, Kosisochukwu who wants to be a pilot backed up her elder sister on the keyboard.

The duo however ministered along the choir of First Love Assembly Lagos on the thanksgiving Sunday in December 2016.

Their proud dad, Arc Ikechukwu Nzewuihe expressed his feeling after the girls’ performance.

“I feel proud. I had desired to learn the keyboard but never got around it. I bought the keyboard so I could learn it but it ended up with them,” he said, stating further that, “The day first day their teacher came he advised we try her on the sax. What I have not been able to do they are now doing. I really thank God.”

Nzewuihe who still desires to learn the keyboard for his family devotional time states how difficult and rigorous the exercise the girls go through in training which is worth the while.

“It’s not easy, they close from school, get home, take their bathe and before long the music teacher is knocking. It’s not easy.It is rigorous but they have to do it,” he narrates.

He however advised parents of the girl child. “Parents of the girl child have their advantage. We trust God that they would defile the stereotype and tradition surrounding a family not having a male child. Our last  child, Chimamanda is also a girl and she is already showing interest in the drums. She would also get equal encouragement to support her two elder sisters on the drums hopefully.”

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel