Gallantry!!! How Kidnapped Naval Personnel Disarms, Kills Two Kidnappers

By: Okosun Dennis

In a rare feat unexpected of a man that was held incommunicado at a jungle, a brave Nigerian Navy personnel simply identified as AK Bala, overcame its adversities and killed his enemies in the process.

The naval personnel according to the former Army spokesperson, Brig Gen Sami Kukasheka Usman (retd) on his social media handle was kidnapped sometimes on 24th February 2021, on his way to Kebbi on leave.

Having studied his captors modus operandi, he leveraged on their weaknesses to launch a swift attack on them as he successfully disarmed them culminating to his freedom.

“He successfully disarmed one of the kidnappers, then used his weapon to kill two of them and escaped,” Gen Usman explained.

It was learnt that the naval personnel, whose unit was not disclosed, “had been in captivity for a month plus and had studied their movement, identified their weakness and took advantage when the opportunity presented itself.

“It’s truly a gallant move, well done Sailor,” Usman reiterated

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba