John 4:16-18 GNB-“Go and call your husband,” Jesus told her, “and come back.” “I haven’t got a husband,” she answered. Jesus replied, “You are right when you say you haven’t got a husband. You have been married to five men, and the man you live with now is not really your husband. You have told me the truth.”

Mistake #1: Cohabiting with a man in the name of having sex with a boy friend who has or has not proposed to marry you, because you feel he loves you dearly.
Mistake #2: You stick to him until he marries you because, he was the one who deflowered you; and don’t even bother to pray first.
Mistake #3: You must marry him because his tall, dark and handsome, and your kids must be very beautiful/as much handsome. Many ladies have ended up marrying handsome lions and jackals who love beating nonsense out of their life.
Mistake #4: You trap him with pregnancy because you don’t want other girls surrounding him in the office and elsewhere to snatch him from you. You think if you get him married, you will be the last bus-stop to his harlotry with girls.
Mistake #5: You mistakenly got pregnant for him, and he influences you to terminate the baby or else he denies being responsible .
Mistake #6: You fall in love with him without even bothering to know or confirm what he really does and his past relationships.
Mistake #7: You marry him and do not bother whether he truly graduated from the school he told you that he passed out from.
Mistake #8: You stick to him because of his money and then teach him so many sexual acts and postures in other to supply him sex more than any other woman would ever give him, not even minding if he takes the photographs of your different seductive and killing postures and nudity. You make him as much of a home-harlot as yourself, all because you want to tie him down.
Mistake #9: You seduce him to have sex with you so you can outwit his wife because he’s too caring not to have for a husband. You fight his wife and the mother of his children, in order for you to reap where you did not sow. This is what witches do. May you not be one of them.
Mistake #10:You want to make him have great confidence that he could have you for life, so you introduce him to a blood covenant, mixing and drinking your blood while naked with a curse attached if either one of you leaves the other for another person. This is wicked and senseless love.
Mistake #11:You start having children for him without dowry payment and call him your husband and bear his surname-this is purely against traditional and spiritual ethics. It is a continued fornication that rejects traditional and spiritual blessings that will lead to hell.
Mistake #12: You marry him because he comes from a wealthy family, so you would retain your rich family name.
Mistake #13: You marry him because you want to convert him from his religion which is contrary to yours. Many ladies have struggled and endured the consequences of unequal marriage yokes-2 Cor. 6:14.

1. Improve on your relationship with God now if you are born again; if you are not born again, then go to God in repentance-Rom 10:9, 10; Rev 3:20.
2. Tell God to prepare you to be the right woman for the man He will approve for you. It’s in your preparation that you build a good quality/character life that will make you rebuff goats in sheep skin.
3. Pray that God speaks to you or confirms if the one that comes is the right man. Don’t receive too many gifts, because you may be deceived by his kind deeds. Every man who wants a lady he greatly desires knows he must be nice in the first place. Many men have since stopped being caring after their marriage, having tasted the sex they longed for in those beautiful and tantalising body curves.
4. Don’t be too quick to say, “Yes, I will marry you” without sharing your mind with a man of God who will give you a good counsel.
5. Don’t seek for prophets who don’t mind whether you are living a life that will lead you to hell to counsel you. They will lead you to doing some sacrifices, and make you start believing and doing strange things against your will.
6. Don’t go to a man who has more than one wife to counsel you. You may end up looking for another man or become an additional mistress.

Knowing that the Bible doesn’t have any basis for two people who are in love to have sex with each other, except after they are married, is one of the most beautiful truth never to lose. Lack of Biblical truth is the reason for the various sexual abuses we see and hear in the world today since the fall of man and especially in several churches of God.

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Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel