Film: Zenith Praised For Supporting Nigerian Animators At Style By Zenith Fair 2.0

Adebimpe Adebambo, of Adebimpe Adebambo Productions who organised and moderated the African Animation masterclasses at the Style By Zenith 2.0 Lifestyle fair, has praised Zenith Bank for giving Nigerian Animation practitioners a platform to share their stories and show their works.

Speaking in one of the two masterclasses  over the weekend, she said Zenith Bank is a pioneer in the support of Nigerians in the animation space as no other company or establishment has given those working in their genre such platform.

She said Zenith Bank graciously gave her the opportunity to conduct two masterclasses with the same topic of – ‘African Animation As Content Across All Platforms’ across two days, thereby allowing several animators she brought, a chance to speak about their work and the growing space.

According to Adebambo who is the creator of the Tejumade animation short film, she said the sector is yet to produce a full animated feature film due to the costs and skillset required in animation even though a few Nigerian studios are daring to produce some.

Some Nigerian animation practitioners have has won awards within the continent and internationally in the short film categories.

She said their top short films can be viewed on Youtube and other online platforms,adding that some of them also have their content airing on television stations.

For the Day 2 masterclass, Brian Wilson of Zero Gravity Studios, Harry Dunkwu of Scroll Entertainment and Eri Umusu of Anthill Studios were present.

Wilson whose films namely ‘Kweeto The Genius Mosquito’ and ‘Water Wahala’, has won awards, buttressed the points Adebambo made earlier about several Nigerian animation studios offering animation classes.

He stated that in order to build a better foundation for interested animators in the country, several studios would start trainings in January 2020.

He called for animation to be included in school curriculum in-order to boost the growth of that segment of the film industry.

Umusu in his statement maintained that to quickly understand animation, new students should focus on the different aspects and chose the way they would want to go, saying that the field includes the traditional style, drawing on paper , 2D and 3D animation which are based on different softwares and technology.

Harry Dunkwu hinted that the 3D animation is more difficult to learn but that it holds the key to the future,while 2D is easier to learn.

Adebambo ended by saying Zenith Bank really goes by their ‘ People, Technology, Service – In Your Best Interest slogan and looks forward to a continued support of their animation space.

Speaking earlier on Social Etiquette , Actress Shaffy Bello maintained that for all those in business that attitude as represented by etiquette can determine your success or failure, stressing their that creatives ,SME’s and others should understand it in other to prosper in life.

She contended that human beings gravitate towards excellence and the onus is on all business men and women as well as professionals to ensure that the are excellent in their attitudes as it can determine your altitude in life.

Her mandate was that they should keep to time, greet people with decorum,keep to promises made by them,ensure that their names are not soiled and what have you.

In her words any person you meet is your potential customer or client.


Post Author: Friday Ekeoba