SatGuru Maharaji Advocates ‘Africanocracy’

…says we should appreciate our tradition

SatGuru Maharaj Ji, born Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim, is known for his controversial disposition to universal things and the concept of God. No doubt, he assumes the toga of being the Perfect Master. Our Correspondent, Okosun Dennis, was at his Iju Shaga temple where he had one-on-one conversation with him on whether he believes in the existence of God or if he believes God created him in the first place. Expectedly, his response will shock you! He also beared his mind on democracy and the need to domesticate our philosophy and practice of “Africanocracy;” a concept he believes would give the best representation and participation. He called on Nigerians to see the fight against insecurity as a collective responsibility rather than living it in the doorstep of the Government. Excerpts:

Nationalwire: If religion has increased man’s problem, how do you intend to assist humanity to wringle out of these precarious situation the world has found itself?

Maharaj Ji: Very simple. Love each other. Loving each other is not very easy except you have to follow your tradition and culture. In my tradition and culture, even when you lied against somebody, you have stabbed him. Ogun is worshipping Ogun and Shango is worshipping Shango. We have that fear even as kids but as we grew along, we found out that religion has become a weapon the Europeans are using to divide us. For example, there are Universities springing up or built by various religious leaders but devotees had to pay to go into the University. If you say we should pay for admission, that is okay. However, note that we subscribe to the growth of the system, why are we now paying? So, the love is not there and the religion of God is love. If you love someone, you have to be truthful and sincere. The Europeans sought for knowledge and they use it for their betterment. You don’t need religion to be a farmer or make grade in school, drive a car, sew dresses. You don’t need religion in anything.

Nationalwire: Religion is an English word. Do you believe in the existence of God that created you (Guru Maharaj Ji) and other human beings?

Maharaj Ji: Once you put religion away, God will talk to you; because when you are eating food, you are talking to God. When you are dancing, you are talking to God. When you are walking or running, you are also talking to God. Always say and do what is right. These have been given to us before the Advent of the white man. My forefather led the world and they were fully in control. Anywhere you are going, you will get there and come back. The statues were there; the oracles and deities were there as well. If Oyibo (White man or European) builds a bridge, before they commission or open it for use, they will pour libation. The same thing goes for the car, train and areoplane. Unfortunately, the black man has the mentality that Oyibo man is God and that they are better. But today, we are wiser.

Nationalwire: In a nutshell, does Guru Maharaj Ji believes in the existence of God?

Maharaj Ji: That is why I am here to prove to the world that God is within me and I know where he is right now. That is why through knowledge, I am able to guarantee anybody, anywhere you are. When you are inside an aircraft and they ask you to fasten the seatbelt, all you have to know is true knowledge and I talk to them and say: “Be Holy name Maharaj Ji, Maharaj Ji and you will see Maharaj Ji coming to take control of the aircraft/pilot. I have done that several times. Jesus did it; Adams did it and Moses also did it. They didn’t leave the people to die in mystery, pains and agony?

Nationalwire: In your brief also, you congratulated President Museveni of Uganda who has ruled for about three decades and recently forcefully rigged out Boni Wine to come back for a sixth tenure. Are you directly supporting dictatorship?

Maharaj Ji: No, I am not supporting dictatorship. They even said Buhari rigged election, and GEJ rigged election also. That is what the opposition will say. What I am trying to convey to the Blackman is that if Europeans introduced democracy. Let us practice Africanocracy. What is Africanocracy? We have tribes; Ibo man, Calabar man, Iteskiri, Yoruba, and Hausa man. Let every tribe present one thing they need in their constituencies and go for it. Let us use legitimate means to get legitimate needs. You will find out that it will be devoid of troubles because everybody will be involved. We cannot go to the way of the Europeans all over the years. The moment we engage each other in arguments, before you realise it, snow will be falling. Go and check in the last 20 years, each time we get politics heated, and call for coup; the day Sunday Igboho shouted at herdsmen, the politicians use spirit to fight ourselves. Museveni rig or didn’t rig, he is in power and has seen what the late Robert Mugabe has seen. Buhari has not been able to call Consultative Assembly and ask them to decide: where do we go from here? Who do we put there? That is what we want to hear.

Nationalwire: Julius Nyerere of Tanzania was in power and introduced Ujamaa as a social and economic policy driven by farming villagization that suits African sensibility. He wasn’t rich, probably, one of the poorest African leaders with enormous results of achievements in all its ramifications. Here is Museveni who has been in power for over 30 years and you congratulated such person considering that Ugandans have been emasculated and subjected to all manner of ill-treatment in the midst of plenty. What informed your congratulatory message?

Maharaj Ji: They say give honour to whom it is due. He is already there as the President. If somebody is burning down your father’s house, you can’t run away. You must trend softly and that is what I am trying to do here to analyze the situation. The colonisation of Africa; dovetailing to the post-independence African have created so many upheavals because they don’t know the secret of science; they don’t have any foundation. The best secret is to go to the culture. All the leaves and plants have their secrets in our local languages. I am not supporting Museveni because he is the best but given him a chance to understand that if he is not able to change situation for good now, Uganda will never forgive him; his generation and even the gods will never forgive him. Today, I am through this medium begging him (Museveni) should come for divine knowledge. I remember in Nigeria, there were some leaders that were misled. In South Africa, Xenophobia was aided by the white. They should be guided.

Nationalwire: Are you oblivious of the cracks, political crisis and the insecurities APC led government has plunged us leading to countless deaths?

Maharaj Ji: If you take a forsenic analysis, you will know what is happening. The appearance of APC and Buhari in power, has politically frightened so many people. If there are grey areas here and there, I believe Nigerians are not able to understand everything but justice, equity and equality is very important. This is what Nigerians are gradually getting to understand or aware of that money is not everything. We want people who would be able to perform and if they perform well, money will come back. APC today is much better than PDP reign of 10 or 15 years because unlike PDP regime, oil money was higher and under APC, it is lower; there is Covid-19 and so many industries packed away before Buhari came and if you see any industry closing up now, it must be owned by a politician who is not ready to support the government; he is not been patriotic or nationalistic. There are so many of them whose names I cannot mention here. What is needed now is a sense of patriotism better than before.

Nationalwire: You said you are the Living Perfect Master and in this country you have pervasive nature of problems that are very endemic that are steering at us in the face on daily bases and there seems not to be any solution or a way out. These includes banditary, armed robbery, terrorism, kidnapping and other organised crimes. As the Perfect Master, why are these problems still pervasive in our society?

Maharaj Ji : Humm!!! That is the reason why I always want to synergize with the media to assist. I need your assistance so much. As often said, a tree cannot make a forest but the Living Master can make it happen and let people understand that he cannot do it on its own. Before now, people die anyhow. So, with this divine knowledge, people will be able to understand. However, the confusion going on is to take the minds of people and turn them into something else. My postulation, propaganda and summation in newspapers and other pamphlets I give out is enough for Nigerians to be able to sit down and think. A hungry man is an angry man. This is why members of the press and the elders must work together and rescue the nation; rescue the people because they say “if there is life, there is hope.” They should use the Holy name, call on leaders and receive knowledge

Nationalwire: What do you have to say about the appointment of Abdulrasheed Bawa as EFCC Chairman?

Maharaj Ji: I will put him on trail. Buhari is very slow. I will put him on National TV and ask Nigerians to say what they know about him. I would have liked Prof Wole Soyinka to be the EFCC Chairman

Nationalwire: Are you APC member?

Maharaj Ji: I am not a card carrying member of APC but I have always been advising all the Government up till this moment. Go and check my records. They need to be free from tribal, religious or ethnic sentiments and put all these things aside. APC is the government in power now and we assist them to win; assist them to do the best they can; assist them in whatever they promised the people during the campaign. If I am called to serve, I will. I am ready serving anywhere! All the church leaders are receiving from them. They pray and when they succeed, they collect and pray. For me, I am here.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba