Enjoying God’s guidance (Cont’d)


Minister: Pastor Simeon Afolabi

Date: Sunday 30th October 2016

Topic: Enjoying God’s Guidance (Continuation)




Proverbs 11:14, Proverbs 24:6 II Chronicles 10:1-16


  • Everyone has got a war to fight, it is either you have fought one, you are fighting one or you would fight one.
  • No matter how the war comes, Godly counsel guarantees victory in wars of life. God can guide you through counsel.
  • You don’t play with the counsel of those who have gone ahead of you, it can save you from a lot of sorrows.
  • Rejection of wise and godly counsel is an indication that a person is headed for doom.
  • Solomon was reputed for wisdom but he still needed elders; people that helped him to examine issues.
  • Solomon’s son lost the kingdom to foolishness because he rejected counsel.
  • It is one thing for God to give us our inheritance it is another thing for us to maintain it, to keep it. To hold on to it one of the things we need is wisdom.
  • An elder is a mobile library, learn from those libraries whoever they are.



I Cor 9:16


  • God’s guidance can come through certain necessities, you’ll just find certain necessities are on you.
  • You can find God’s will, God’s guidance though necessity.
  • When you have a deadline, the dead cells in your head will come alive.
  • God can use necessity to communicate His will and his guidance.
  • Sometimes you don’t hear a thus says the Lord, you don’t see a vision, you don’t come across a principle of the word but you just find that there is a necessity on you and it can determine God’s will, God’s guidance.
  • Look closely at those things that look like necessities, God can speak through them to guide you if God is using any of them.
  • Sometime when necessity comes on you, it is God trying to say something, trying to move in a direction.



Acts 6

  • We used to make the mistake in the past that once you are born again, you are spirit filled, there is no reason for reasoning again.
  • Acts 15:22-29
  • Verse 28- You can grow to that level that what seems good to you is what seems good to the Holy Ghost.
  • At that point, you’ll take decision that is exactly in line with the Holy Ghost.
  • God can guide you through your thought
  • If we believers would just add some sense to how we run our lives, we’ll be in the high places of the earth.
  • Hebrews 13:5, Isaiah 58:11
  • I think it is an insult on God’s sovereignty asking God to show us in the dream.
  • You can’t dictate to God how He shows you.
  • The prerogative is of God, yours is to keep your heart opened.



Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel