Doctor Who Bedwets Attributes Healing To Nigeria Cleric

Dr Ataikiru Usiwoma, is a Nigerian Medical Doctor that practice in Ukraine with a chronic bedwtting problem, has said that she was cured recently after watching Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

Given her testimony about how she stopped bedwetting after praying with the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nation, said things have not been the same as she has had a health leap and got healed.

Dr Usiwoma, who explained that she has suffered the problem since birth added that against warning that she shouldn’t fraternise with the man of God, she never knew that was where her healing lies.

In a video posted to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel, the popular Christian channel with 1.7 million subscribers, Dr Usiwoma revealed that she has suffered the embarrassing situation while she was a student at the medical school in Ukraine.

She narrated her pathetic story, “It would surely happen every time I slept – daily or twice in a day. They said that if you even turned on the channel, the spirit could possess you. I continued watching it and prayed with Emmanuel TV and the bedwetting immediately stopped.” she recounted.

Dr Ataikiru, further explained that she was encouraged to watch the online TV by a Ghanaian doctor but she felt unwilling to do so. However, when she eventually made up her mind to do so, she realised that all that they told her were not true.

Explaining further, she added that she has not had the nasty experience of bedwetting in the last six years since her exposure to the man of God.

“My advice is for anyone who is going through any situation that seems impossible – they should remember that with God, nothing is impossible,” she concluded.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba