Dele Arogundade’s Panacea To COVID’s Distruptions

In his new literary offering, Dele Arogundade, one of Nigeria’s finest poets examines the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world economies and the workplaces, but is there a way to Thrive In The MarketPlace: COVID-19 and beyond? SEUN AKIOYE reports.

It is hard for those who were alive in the year 2020 to forget the devastation brought about by the then novel corona virus, otherwise named COVID-19. It is even harder for those who are alive in the years beyond the ‘pandemic year’ to cope with the aftermath of the COVID ‘tsunami’.

With over six million global deaths, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) millions of people thrown into unemployment with business owners losing their businesses, Dele Arogundade, a poet, author and life coach is one of those to readily accept the devastation of the pandemic.

However, Arogundade, the author of “Perceptions Unabridged” and “Something About Everything,” two widely acclaimed poems is also one of those who believe, that despite the huge setback on the world economy, people can still thrive in the aftermath of COVID and beyond, if they follow some simple rules and adjust their mentality.

“Thriving in the marketplace in the COVID-19 era and beyond will require something beyond the normal. There will be need to be innovative to adapt to the new normal,” Arogundade said in the introduction of his new book: Seven Practical Steps to Thrive in the Marketplace: COVID-19 Era and beyond.

The book, a deviation from his last two collections of exquisite poems considers seven steps or principles which if applied according to the author’s recommendations, can guarantee a life of thriving, in the aftereffect of the pandemic.

But is the author qualified to offer advice on strategies for economic emancipation and personal development? First, Arogundade is a Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army who trained as an engineer but has been described as a “Unique personality with an uncommon writing capacity.”

Also aptly described as “a renaissance man based on his ability to excel in any area of life he ventured into.”

He has a Master’s degree in War Studies from the University of Balochistan, Pakistan and Master’s degree in Computer Science and Strategic Studies from the University of Ilorin and Ibadan respectively.

He is also a fellow of the National Defence College, Nigeria and an alumnus of the Harvard Kennedy School Boston and he is a certified life coach.

Survival of the fittest?


Does thriving in the market place a matter of survival of the fittest, with brawns, claws and bites? Arogundade feels it is those who are innovative, that can do common things in the uncommon ways that would own the marketplace and thrive in it.

In his seven practical steps, Arogundade considers adding value as an invaluable first steps to retaining your relevance in the marketplace because “money is given in exchange for a thing of value.”

Providing solutions will also ensure you remain thriving. Drawing from the pandemic, Arogundade said despite the shutdown of the ‘market place’ some people remain relevant: those who are smart enough to key into the areas of needs like facemasks, hand sanitizers and fintech companies who made huge fortunes.

Drawing heavily from experiences in his military career, Arogundade went on to identify other important and powerful steps individuals can take to overcome adversity and thrive in the market place.

However, some after reading the book may find some of Arogundade’s ideas revolutionary and it may affect the sentiments of many. The book, is , definitely not for the lazy or sluggard or those not willing to apply themselves to a new mindset. But the author has no cause for apologies as he said his aim is to help people.

“I wrote the book to help people in both the public and private sectors equip themselves with practical tips that would make them stay relevant in a dynamic world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is hoped that it will help people to be more pragmatic and apply themselves to the acquisition of soft skills set for better productivity,”Arogundade said.

Rear Admiral MM Bashir, the Commandant, National Defence College agreed with him. In his lavish foreward to the book, he said Arogundade “concisely brought out, some very crucial, feasible and practical steps that can assist leaders and followers to remain relevant in a dynamic world.

“It is a very informative aide memoire that will help anyone to be effective in the workplace.”

Post Author: Tayo Olanipekun