COVID-19: Be Not Proud

By: Okosun Dennis

It came like a bulldozer. Insignificantly, in a tiny city of Wuhan in Hubei province, China and it’s sweeping exponentially across the globe bringing with it pains, sorrows and deaths.

Humanity has been torned apart. Cries, confusions, permutations and projections are quite evident. But any solution?

What started as a tiny virus, though was trivialized by the Chinese authority in late 2019, has turned into a global pandemic without defined solution despite relentless scientific efforts to curb. As a result, boundaries have remained useless and borders closed. Nations that glamourise wars and hostilities have been silenced.

The entire world have been lockeddown. No exception because we are all potential victims. Before now, countries that breathe on another’s neck are confused; thinking how to ringle out of the pandemic and still have a sane economy thereafter.

The mensuration of Covid-19 is shutting down economy of the world. Per capital income has fallen below the rungs of the ladder leading to a massive job losses. Nations Gross Domestic Product (GDP) have pummetted. Some are running from pillar to post on how to save further human losses.

In the midst of these bruohaha, nobody, no matter the societal influence you enjoy, can serve as a guard against the stubborn enemy of man and humanity. It penetrates like a hot knife in a butter. It beats every barrier and strikes man like dust from the hazy Sahara. Sadly, humanity have been humbled by this invisible, tiny virus.

Before now, the thinking had been that there are super powerful leaders in the world. But Covid-19 has revealed that no powerful leader really exist because they have become subservient and sheepishly clueless. It has further revealed that despite security network, one can easily be exposed to its whims and caprices.

Whoever thought that Heathrow, Hartsfield-Jackson, Oliver Tambo or Muritala Mohammed airports could be shut down for a whole day not to talk of weeks and thousands of flight schedule cancelled? Do you ever think of Emirates not flying? What about Luthasian, British Airways, KLM, Delta Air, Iberian, Turkish Airlines or Arek and Peace Air? Whoever thought they would be responsible for conveying thousands of people who became potential carriers of Covid-19 in their various countries of destination thereby causing a forced cancellation of flights across the globe?

Or do you in your wisest imagination envisaged that the respectable quintessential Queen of England, Elizabeth 11, with her indomitable fashion style and first class care be downed by Covid-19? That Prime Ministers of powerful nations would be turned to mere toddlers and forced to stay in one place for weeks? But the ubiquitous virus has forced them into a cocoon and quarantined for weeks in solitary confinement!

Wouldn’t it have been a newly invented joke to have some Nigerian state Governors taken out of circulation for weeks? Wouldn’t it have been a new thing to have some “dishonourable” honourables bowing down and forgetting that London, USA, Canada are still preferred destinations?

Do you ever think of influential and very powerful industrialists, scientists, economists, clergymen, politicians and other technocrats would stop jetting out to Manchester, New York, Dubai, Paris, Frankfurt and other choicest places for conferences, romances, birthdays and breakfast? What do you now have: some hitherto rush to drink local concoction: Agbo jedi, Ogororo and sit in their homes helpless while their cars and private jets are parked. Some have turned ice cream conformists in Bernard Shaw’s class as pupils!

Whoever contemplated that the English Premier League (EPL), Bundeslinga, France Ligue 1; Serie A, La Liga; UEFA, Eruopa and other world leading championships would be temporarily hurted or postponed not to talk of the World Olympic games shifted to 2021 or the fanciful Wimbledon Tennis Open that has been cancelled. Covid-19, you have remained and would continue to remain a useless tenant until your mysterious luggage are burnt. But know that every landlord/lady hates you. You are a nuisance, a bastard!!!

Unfortunately, Covid-19 respects no agent! It is a notorious enemy that strikes anywhere, everywhere and anyhow. It respects no nation, Kingdom, Empire, City or Clan. It dwells in any blooded human and respects no colour or pigmentation.

Dubiously wicked. With above 929,915 cases and 46,200 deaths, innocent people you have been humbled. With approximately 4.7% of death among patients, your wickedness have manifested at dashing people fever, cough and shortness of breath. However, one thing is certain, your colonialism is brief and your madness will soon be exterminated.

Before now, Nations spend trillions of dollars to manufacture or procure nuclear war heads; toxic weapons, sophisticated armaments, bombs and missiles, and other light weapons to destroy fellow human beings but with the entrance of Covid-19, I no longer hear of: “You are a black or white monkeys. I am superior and you are inferior.” It is hopelessness and ungiddy state.

Man’s quest to dominate the other has been reduced to nothingness. The sudden entrance of the invisible tiny thing called Covid-19, has obliterated man’s selfishness; quest for power and subjugation. Those who deliberately engaged in Xenophobic attacks have bowed to the ravaging monster and the “self-acclaimed” ruler that has brought cries, pains and anguish to humanity.

Those that pride themselves as oil magnetics have been reduced to mere pulpits; crashing the crude oil per barrel that once climbed over a $100 few years ago to as low as $20 per barrel at the international market; living countries financially bankrupt and frustrated.

The biggest churches with massive auditorium and chapels have been shut against the congregation. The biggest mosque in Medina is a shadow of itself. The Vatican is quiet. Every worship centre across the globe have been deserted but it’s the only Almighty God that understands the situation and have only the solution. Covid-19, you are a learner!

I sometimes muse over it. Other times, I waived it off because Covid-19 doesn’t have the capacity to exterminate God’s creation but has only reduced the cockiness of man, though you are a cocky fool! It has come to be the giant leveller that teaches humanity that all the wealth and affluence, fame and positions we crave for are immaterial and transient.

However, despite your audacious dominance and the senseless pride you seems to be enjoying; conquering every human knowledge and science, your stay is infinitesimal; very brief. Though you are gorgeously nasty, your pride has sold you out and you will soon be rendered irrelevant and your potency crunched. Therefore, Covid-19, be not proud.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba