Christian Entertainment TV Channel, X2D Births On Star Times Today

Christian entertainment Gospel Channel, Exclusive To Divinity (X2D) has commenced operations on Star Times.

Chief Responsibility Officer (CRO) of the channel, Deji Irawo told the media in Lagos on Thursday the channel on number 186 on Star Times is set to feed the entire African continent with safe contents.

Announcing the development, Irawo said, “To be on Star Times obviously was one of our goals and we started picturing that five years ago. We are excited that finally on 1st of June, we are where we are on Star Times.”

“X2D has a dream to ensure that the channel is available to everybody and we thank God that it has become a reality. We have been on other platforms but we are excited that we are coming on Star Times because it is the largest network in Nigeria according to records,” he said.

Explaining the vision of X2D, Irawo said, “The vision of X2D is timely and we can provide high quality gospel entertainment for God’s people and to touch lives all around the nation.

“The vision is to provide alternative platform as we are not only providing contemporary platform for entertainment, but also to show the world that we have creative people of God and it’s about how we can package such and excellence is going to be our watchword,” he promised.

Appreciating his family and the X2D team for making the feat possible, the CRO said the team has been of tremendous help in the past 11 years.

“I want to thank God for my family and the team God has given me in the past 11 years. So far we give all the glory to God. We thank Star Times for partnering with us. We thank God we are here and I can say it is a journey of faith,” he said.

One of the partners of X2D, Pastor Ayo Jolayemi at the event appreciated those who have believed in the vision.  According to him the world is fortunate to have an alternative in XD.

“X2D is a television channel bringing alternative to contents being served. It is out to bring alternative to what the world is selling to us, we need to change the narratives, we need to support X2D,’ he said, calling for support for the channel.

“When we have one of us doing something and we are in position to support, we should help that brand, it does us all the good to see that brand stands. Not all of us will have a tv channel, it will never happen. Deji has a big heart, he can dare things. He has been able to do what he is doing today by God’s grace and through his own doggedness.” he said.

Appreciating the team further, wife of the founder of the channel, Mrs. Esther Deji-Irawo said the X2D brand has the best team around and she is proud to be part of the dream.

“I just feel everyone here today should help us thank these wonderful guys on our team. They have stayed with us when there was no food, no accommodation. Some of them went to school and returned and still came back to us. Some of them got other jobs, they still came back to us.

“Some of them got job offers in banks and different places, they still came back, some of them went on NYSC and they still came back, some of them were interns but still doing full time job.

“There are days we had to sleep in the office just to get the work done, there were days we shared our foods to keep going. It has been tough as a family, they are always there with my husband and children. I have learnt so much from them. This is the beginning of great things,” she explained.

Explaining the divine coincidence of X2D coming on Star Times, Mrs. Deji-Irawo said, “Irawo means star, my name is Esther as well and it means star. It is not a mistake; it is divine that we are coming on Star Times. So God is interested in Exclusive To Divinity, He is interested in taking media for His glory, so I want everyone to partner with us in any capacity, if you can fund, if you know those who can fund, when resources come we know what to do with it, stand with us and keep supporting us.”

Dipo Odetoyinbo is on the staff of X2D who at the event gave insight to what working at the outfit looks like.

“It’s very exciting to be here because we have been working on this for quite a while, some things are better experienced. We are African brand. There is an industry people have not known about. We have been in the industry for about ten years, we call it safe entertainment.

“When people say entertainment is entertainment, I say no, ours is wholesome entertainment. It is a safe channel, when you are watching the television on other channels, the remote has to be by you so that you can instantly change it when ‘something’ happens, but on X2D you have none of that and that is why it is called safe channel,” he explained.

Shedding lights on the programming at X2D, Odetoyinbo said, “We have red carpets, behind the scene, talk shows, children programs, fashion and lifestyle, refreshing movies and a lot of contents. We have taken time to create these programs. When you look at our contents, they are of quality, we don’t say because it is gospel we just push anything there.

“We have taken time to pray about our contents, it can be entertaining and inspiring as well, with the testimonies we have been hearing, we know we are doing what God wants us to do,” he said.

Content Manager at Star Times, Mrs. Bose Adewara at the event however was elated that the station was coming on Star Times.

“X2D is actually new on our channel and I can say there is no channel that can do what it will be doing on our platform. It is a good place to come, I want to take his word for it that it is safe entertainment and I am excited about that.

“It is very encouraging that our children and youths can watch the channel. Like Mr. Deji Irawo has said, our platform actually has the largest coverage in Nigeria. As long as you can watch NTA you can watch star times in all 36 states,” she said.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel