COVID-19: Be Not Proud

It came like a bulldozer. Insignificantly, in a tiny city of Wuhan in Hubei province, China and it’s sweeping exponentially across the globe bringing with it pains, sorrows and deaths.

Lagos Marathon

When Access Bank, NIBUCCA, HACEY, ENDFund collaborate against HIV at Lagos City Marathon

In March 2019, Nigeria’s Federal Government indicated that national HIV prevalence in the country was 1.4% among adults aged 15–49 years. Before the 2019 data, previous estimates had indicated a national HIV prevalence of 2.8% which means the scourge is on a downward trend. Meanwhile according to UNAIDS and the National Agency for the Control […]


Saving 38 Nigerian Non-Oil Export Companies From Imminent Death

One of the sad realities of Nigeria’s economy today is that it still remains a mono-economy depending on crude oil as its mainstay. That has been the albatross hanging on our neck as a nation from the time oil was discovered in Oloibiri, Bayelsa State in 1956. This reality has however made governments over the years to introduce programmes and policy […]

Giving Women A Voice…The Tony Elumelu Modus Operandi

It is often more convenient to possess the ashes of great men than to possess the men themselves in their lifetime. But in Tony Elumelu’s case, the reality is remarkably different; Nigeria is extremely lucky to possess Elumelu. This is because the maverick banker elevates fiscal management and entrepreneurship to an art form, for the benefit of the country.


Are Youths Still Leaders Of Tomorrow?

Are Youths Still The Future Leader Of Tomorrow? By: Balogun Muhammed Jamiu Many years ago, I remembered that a lot of youths chorused and danced to one of the popular matching song every beautiful morning while matching from assembly ground of our schools to our respective classes. “parent listen to your children, we are the […]