Cancer Is Curable With Natural Fruits ,Vegetables – Female Dietitian

Olabode Adaramola

Cancer patients in the  country may  have reasons to rejoice now ,  as a  Nigerian Female Dietitian, cum -Traditional  Medical Practitioner,  has said that Cancer is curable with natural fruits and vegetables and without having to resort to either Chemo or Surgical operation.

The Lady,  Beatrice Oluwakemi Obafemi ,  a  2014,  graduate of Physics,  from the Nasarawa  State University, Keffi, in the north central part of the country  gave the assurance  in an exclusive interview with the National Wire during  the week  in Minna, Niger State capital , adding that she started a research on Climate change in 2011, during her undergraduate year in the university.

She said, “in addition to that, during my final year Project at the Institution, my topic was on Global Warming:  the causes,  the  consequences  and the possible remedies and how people can adapt to the new climate system”.

She stated further that she was so particular about the new adaptation, which   made me to concentrate on the nation’s  health system, saying, “i believed  that we  need to go natural, the way of natural fruits and vegetables as the only way we can cure the termed terminal ailments such as Cancer and so on”.

“I also went to research further, after graduation at the university, believing   that the only thing that can favour the entire world at large is to incorporate health, natural fruits and vegetables into our daily feeding habits.  And i was committed into becoming one of the topmost Dieticians in my environment”, said Obafemi.

The Kogi State- born Dietitian,  who is based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory( FCT) added that prior to her treating people with her new methods, that her Dad and Uncle, were both diabetes, stressing that “they were both cured, using natural fruits and vegetables by providing a wholesome treatment as sustainable organic products from our community among others”.

According to her, “until when my Dad and Uncle became sick and were diagnose diabetic, so I treated them and they were cured,  but  my uncle was cured before my Dad”.

Speaking further, she noted that after her break through in diabetes,  she said  she  also  researched deeper and was willing and eager to get a patient she could  treat on Cancer cases.


“In the  process, I  met some people shortly afterwards , but   they died before I   commenced their treatments and  they  were about three case of Cervical, Breast and Prostrate Cancers”, she recalled  .

She further explained that she  continued more research work until mid 2017, when someone called her  that she had breast lump that its biophys test revealed it was cancerous and she had not removed the lump, adding that she  referred the patient and her family members  to ECWA Clinic, in  Karu, Abuja, to go and remove the lump.

Accordingly, Beatrice said, “i educated her well, then and everything I told her was exactly as I told her. So, what was removed  was taken to laboratory and it was confirmed  cancerous”.

” I used my machine to scan her and the cancer had invaded her system because the lump was puncture and pour into her body.

” I cleaned her blood in just Seven days and it became clean and  revealed by the body analyzing machine. it was like a magic to everyone around who knew her.

“So, we now started using herbs, both foreign and local ones  and today she was cured long before now but I placed her on taking fruits and vegetables for the next 5 years and she had not stopped  till today,” she maintained.

She however pointed out  that cancer cases were  quite expensive to treat, in monetary terms, saying,  “that is the  simple truth,  but it is curable”.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba