Bayelsa: SPDC Host Community Set To Settle Monarchial Tussles, Out-of-Court


Otuasega community of Ogbia council area of Bayelsa state has said they were willing to resolve the protracted chieftaincy tussle bedeviling the community before August this year.

National Wire gathered this from the community’s interim leader and CDC chairman, Mr Igbuasi Gbanibebi.

The community leader who also doubles as the chief security officer of the SPDC’s host community hinted that the community’s leadership was resolved to ending all contentious court cases on who becomes the Paramount ruler of the community.

He regretted that the suits instituted by the contenders to the throne, owing to the 2018 disputed chieftaincy election of the community have impeded development.

He said, “We’ve decided as a community to withdrew all the cases concerning our chieftaincy election from court.
Though our tenure as CDC and community leadership would end by August this year, we’re resolve to end all cases and install a paramount ruler before we leave office on or before August”.

“We’re talking to the contenders to the throne,hopefully they’re are cooperating,but should they refused,we would ask all of them to stop drawing us backwards and use the old traditional means or ask the clergy in the community to fast and pray,and then tell us whom God has ordained as our Paramount ruler”, he added.

Igbuasi who also spoke on the prevailing peace in the community in the absent of a substantive monarch commended the joint task force,JTF, Police and the community’s own vigilante service for sustaining the peace in the area.

He gave the assurances that the community would fair even better when the kingship tussles were settled, saying Otuasega community was the most hospitable and melting point of its clan in the Ogbia local government area.

“We’re a peaceful community, we’re at peace with our neighbours.But we also have a record of all strangers living here so that in the event of any internal security treat,we’ld know were it’s emanating from and deal with head on”, he said.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba