WACC, JFC Launch Tech-Driven Initiative To Combat Gender Based Violence

Christian media groups, Journalists For Christ International Outreach (JFC) Nigeria and the World Association for Christian Communication, Africa Region (WACC-AR), have unveiled a pioneering advocacy project aimed at tackling misogyny and tech-facilitated gender-based violence (TFGBV).

Supported by WACC Global and Brot fur die Welt, the initiative seeks to challenge stereotypes and reshape public perception regarding women and girls, while addressing TFGBV and related oppressive behaviors within digital spaces.

The project, anchored by Mrs. Ugonma Cokey
Vice President, JFC and Project Lead,
will employ a multifaceted approach, including online content monitoring, the creation of counter-narratives, virtual engagements with journalists and gender advocates, and the formation of alliances to advocate against GBV in the digital realm.

Gender-based violence has evolved from traditional forms to manifest online, necessitating the protection of women’s rights in all spheres. TFGBV encompasses various digital offenses such as cyberbullying, non-consensual distribution of intimate images, and surveillance.

To address this issue, the project will conduct a comprehensive discourse on the prevalence of TFGBV in Nigeria, drawing insights from other African countries. Online monitoring will document trends, while input from women and girls’ groups will inform the production of digital narratives to combat GBV.


JFC will collaborate with gender-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) and social media influencers to advocate against TFGBV and engage with media and institutional stakeholders to drive policy actions.

The project aims to garner public support for gender rights through digital counter-narratives on GBV and enhance the role of media stakeholders in combating TFGBV and online hate speech.

For further information, please contact:
Blessing Oladunjoye
Project Officer

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