Oliver Twist ‘Asks For More’, Opens 9th Supermarket in Abuja

When Charles Dickens wrote his epic novel Oliver Twist in 1838, he could hardly have imagined that a Nigerian businessman would one day establish a chain of supermarkets under the same name.

Inside Oliver Twist supermarket

Mr. Adeniyi Bankole, the Chief Executive Officer of Oliver Twist Supermarket, achieved another milestone by opening the 9th Oliver Twist Supermarket outlet in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, on Saturday, 6th July.

Speaking after the inauguration at Lokogoma Estate, Bankole, an indigene of Ogun State, attributed his success to his determination to make progress regardless of circumstances.

Residents of the Federal Capital turned out in large numbers to witness the opening and took the opportunity to do their weekend shopping.

The new supermarket lives up to its hype, providing a shopping and relaxation experience that meets high standards.

“The Lokogoma branch is the ninth branch opened in the Federal Capital Territory in five years,” Bankole said.

Just like what comes to mind when the name, Oliver Twist is mentioned, ‘Oliver Twist asks for more’, Bankole seems to always asks for more outlets.

“The journey of the brand started in July 2019 with its first outlet in Lugbe, Abuja,” he said,
emphasizing that the business is driven by a vision to create a brand that empowers people and serves as a foundation for positive social impact.

When asked how he manages to succeed in a challenging business environment, Bankole responded that “Success is possible for anyone who is intentional and motivated, despite the country’s financial challenges.” He maintained that true growth helps people realize their potential, especially the youth.


“Since we started about five years ago, we have employed over a hundred workers, reducing unemployment and helping many make ends meet,” he said.

Bankole described Oliver Twist Supermarket as a crucial employment avenue for the youth and expressed pride in being able to reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

He also revealed his ambition to export his brand outside Nigeria, stating, “We are working assiduously to spread outside Abuja, although this requires proper planning because we don’t want to grow to a certain stage and lose control, as has happened to ShopRite and Mr. Biggs.”

While planning to expand to other states and potentially outside the country, Bankole stressed the importance of careful, strategic growth.

He advised the youth to shun the get-rich-quick mentality and avoid shortcuts that could lead to unpleasant outcomes. He also urged older generations, especially political leaders, to serve as role models for the youth.

“We have to encourage and understand the youth because their operational mode is different from ours. All hope is not lost. The imperfection of the present guarantees the uniqueness of the future,” he explained. “If we cultivate the right attitude and encourage the youth, they too can succeed through proper mentoring, dialogue, and constant reminders of their potential.”

Bankole listed the locations of the previous eight outlets in Abuja: Gwarinpa 3rd Avenue, Maitama, ACO Junction Lugbe Airport Road, Kubwa Opposite NYSC Junction, Lugbe Airport Road By DUNAMIS, Jabi, Airport Road By EFCC Junction, Lugbe Airport Road By Trade More Estate Junction, and Apo Mechanic Estate, Apo, Abuja.

The Oliver Twist Supermarket outlets offer a variety of items, including confectioneries, home appliances, groceries, assorted wines, drinks, and branded Agege bread. “We aim to satisfy the interests of our teeming customers,” Bankole concluded.

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