NAOSNP President, Oki, Cautions Nigerians Against Uncomplimentary Remarks

The President of National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP), Oki Samson has called on Nigerians from all walks of life to embrace ‘Nigeria First’ before other considerations noting that “we should not set the country on fire with our conduct and words.”

According to him in a statement released on Saturday, 14th January, 2023, he said,”2023 is here. Of topmost concern to Nigerians in the New Year is the issue of safety and security of lives and properties.

“These are very important in 2023 as a country which is facing crucial, contentious issues – the General Elections and the National Census. Others include self-determination agitations such as the recently witnessed Ojota crisis; many assassination attempts on prominent Nigerians – former governors, clergymen, businessmen, among others – across the country, and the senseless maiming and killing of security officers by criminal gangs.”

Oki reiterated that 2023 is very important by all standards to Nigerians hence we must appreciate the value of peace and security.

Given a breakdown of attacks on soft targets, particularly, he explained that between the last in 2019 and now, there has been about 50 attacks on INEC facilities, emphasizing that these sundry attacks were carried out during and post-elections, #Endsars protest and by unknown gunmen. “Must our elections lead to bloodshed? We have to do better in 2023.”


While condemning all the agitators as they often resort to violence, Oki noted that the recent Ojota crisis was quite unfortunate especially as it happened less than six weeks to a general election.

“Some Nigerians have locked their hearts and seen our men-in-uniform as enemies. This is not good for us. These people are our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents. They are paid from taxes of citizenry. They are on the frontlines for us, they are on the streets for us. The Armed Forces and other paramilitary organisations are not our enemies.”

He, however, pleaded with Nigerians – individuals and communities – to respect and support the security agencies in the discharge of their statutory responsibilities.

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