Lagosians Call On Gov’t To Evacuate Female Lunatic

Dayo Emmanuel

Residents of the Ogba area of Lagos have called on the state Ministry of Environment to evacuate a female lunatic  who has been occupying the Caterpillar Bus Stop.

This is as they observed that is no sign the mentally deranged lady would vacate the newly constructed layby anytime soon after a week of occupation.

A commuter told our correspondent on Thursday that the woman is constituting nuisance in the area and should be moved to a psychiatric clinic for medical attention.

“This woman is obviously insane and has constituted nuisance enough to warrant her being moved somewhere for treatment,” Ololade Thompson said.

Ololade added that, “Day and night, you would find her or find her things here. The facility she is occupying was constructed as a waiting area or a shelter for commuters waiting for their buses or those alighting from buses waiting for a connecting vehicles. But this woman is not allowing people utilize the place for the intended purpose.”

Another commuter who resides in the area added that people should be aware of the lunatic woman who should not be totally taken as lunatic.

The commuter who simply identified herself as Chioma wants people in the area to beware of the woman. “I cannot agree totally that this woman here is lunatic. She may have mental issues but people should just be careful, that is what I can say about her,” Chioma said.

Probing further into Chioma’s observation, New Dawn found out more about her worries. “You call someone a lunatic, but day and night she is smoking. The cigarette she is smoking is not even the regular or common one, she is a chain smoker, she would always lie down and be smoking heavily.

“I don’t trust her. If tomorrow you hear that she is gathering information for criminals or if she is involved in some organized crimes, don’t be surprised. I urge the government to do something fast before it is too late,” she expressed worry.

Corroborating Chioma’s claim and fear, another commuter, Wilson said, Chioma is right becaue of past related issues. “I agree with Chioma because it is not today this thing started. You can remember Clifford Orji if you were aware in those days.

“This is exactly how they disguise like mad people and kidnap wandering children for sale elsewhere. Personally I don’t believe this woman is mad. A mad person smoking heavily?

“How does she buy packets of cigarettes? Who gives her money and who sells to her? All the people in the chain of supply of her cigarettes are her gang member if thorough investigation takes place? Wilson said.

Post Author: Tayo Olanipekun