‘Journalism, Acting Are Two Relevant, Easy Things For Me To Combine’

Esther Adeniyi studied Mass Communication at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State, she is also a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, where she equally studied Mass Communication. Adeniyi after her youth service in Kebbi State has gone ahead to develop herself in scripts writing and acting. She has written various scripts and has featured in a movie. Currently practicing her journalism at the Media Career Development Network, Lagos, Adeniyi in this interview with OREOLUWA OYEKANMI says she looks forward to more acting roles as she plans to balance acting and journalism.


What motivated you into acting?

Well, I’d just say I have had interest in acting and imitating characters, just wearing this character that I really am not. It has always been something I admire a lot. In growing up, I’d always watch movies with my family and I just get intrigued and fascinated by the whole thing and then always looked forward to be in front of the camera.

How did it feel like when you first joined the movie industry?

When I first joined, it felt so good. I got an opportunity to finally do what I’ve always wanted to do. So, it felt good like finally this is becoming a reality, and now beyond what I just admire or what I looked forward to doing. It something I’m really exploring, so it felt good and hopeful and promising. Like okay fine, I can finally do this and finally do much of it later on.

Did you encounter any problems right at the beginning that made you think of quitting. If yes, what are those challenges?


Yes. I actually encountered but I’d not really say it was a problem or challenge, but yes, of course it did challenge me because it’s easier for you to see characters and movie stars, actors or actress do something and be like is it not just to do something and do this or do that. But it’s not always like that. It’s not always as easy as we thought, so I’d say it was challenging because the first time I had to be in front of the camera, and put up in the act. It was really really challenging even though I had to be doing that with my colleagues and friends, I’d still blurt out in laughter not because it was funny but it was overwhelming and another challenge was the fact that I was more like a behind the scene person and that I was so engrossed with script writing. I love script writing a lot so I thought it was enough. So I’d wanted to hide under the umbrella of script writing but at some point, I had to come forward and had to be on the screen. I had to act and be a part of the cast for a project I was involved in.

You studied mass communication, and now into movies, how do you intend balancing journalism with acting?

I don’t see it as a problem, instead I see both as related to each other. Journalism includes broadcasting and everything still bursts down to production. It’s still part of production, so when I’m presenting or acting. For now, I don’t see it an issue in balancing journalism with acting. Maybe in the nearest future, when I make to choose either journalism or acting fully. It’s still burst down to production because when I went for my production class, we did a little bit of Journalism and all of those things that are involved in production, in tv production and broadcasting, were also those areas that we were trained on. Talking about camera movement, presenting and stuffs like that balancing it isn’t going to be a problem and shouldn’t be a problem.

What step are you taking to upgrade your line of acting?

The step I’m taking actually is looking forward to get more acting roles, but most importantly I’m of course taking steps on taking more course and training to brush up my skills and my script writing skills, I intend to write more outstanding and mind blowing script, and probably feature in my scripts. Although, I’m on internship for two months and I’m using the opportunity to do more of practicals in the field.

This is a bit tricky, but I hope you’re not asking me to choose between the both because they are two different things, with slight similarities but totally different. So I’d say both are my passion but acting is my talent. First and Foremost, I’m not pretty much of an acting person, but more of behind the scene stuffs like directing and writing movie scripts or putting some things in place to make sure that production goes smoothly though, I can still act along the line.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba