Focus On Branding, Experts Advise African Enterprunurs

Vice President of WAAW Foundation, Ebele Agu has told African enterprunurs the importance of selling themselves to the world.

Agu along with other enterprunurs spoke at the Zoom meeting tagged Celebration Summit which was also a pre-summit event.

Themed ‘Journeys in African Enterprunurship’ , several enterprunurs relayed their experiences on the road to becoming seasoned enterprunurs.

“I am a behind the scene person, I didn’t want to sell myself but I had to do it. I was working with people with Business Administration background, I didn’t know a foreign language, then someone told me you need to sell yourself so people you work with can hear you,” she said, adding that, “Then I told my story and got a promotion. I told them what my department was doing because I know whatever I do must make a huge impact,” she said.

According to her, African enternprunurs must exit their comfort zone and tell their sories to the world for impact. “You need to tell your story, you need to step out of your comfort zone and network,” she said.

Anchor of the event, Patrenia Werts Onuoha, also told the listeners the need to identify their strengths and work on then for effectiveness.

“Identify what your strengths are and put them into acton. How many people put their goals on the wall? She asked.

Another speaker at the event, Chukuka Chukuma told the participants about his project.

According to him, taking children from ten or more African countries for grooming is not a little task. He has been involved in supporting children in different countries.

Chukuma, a co-author of the book In Pursuit and Partner at Racecourse Capital, USA, talked extensively about his job and being an enterprunur at the Zoom meeting for employees, investors, enterprunurs, intraprunurs and people with mind to level-up.

Another co-author of the book In-Pursuit, Osaretin Oswald Guobadia at the event told participants the need to build lasting legacy.

According to him, “Legacy is not a monument, legacy is about what you build in people.

“As many praying mothers as possible praying for me is one of my strengths,” he said, talking about his investment in people.

The anchor, Onuoha in closing however encouraged African entrprunurs to be on top of their game and stay focused.

“Enterprunurship makes you think you are the only one having idea, ideas are fixed in the air and its one of the reasons the authors of In Pursuit wrote the book,” she said.

The book which is expected to enhance enterprunurs’ operations and add value defines success in a more realistic way.

The participants were encouraged to define themselves before venturing into business because they would be tempted in the market place.

They were also admonished to have a definition of success because any definition of success would do if they don’t know what they are doing.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel