“Embrace Spirit-filled Life”, American Preacher Bartholomew Orr Charges Participants At WATS Conference

American preacher, Dr. Batholomew Orr, has charged conference participants at the West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) Lagos, Nigeria to ensure a Spirit-filled life in order to fulfill their spiritual assignment.

Cross session of participants

The Expository Preaching Conference at the Seminary that began on Wednesday 24th April and ending on Friday the 26th, convened a diverse gathering of participants, including representatives from various Christian denominations, seminarians and the Nigerian Army chaplaincy.

The conference’s theme, “Church Growth through Sound Biblical Preaching,” underscored the importance of solid biblical teachings in fostering spiritual growth and community development.

In his address, Orr emphasised the biblical mandate for believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit, citing it as essential for fulfilling God’s purposes on earth.

WATS Chapel

“We have been commanded to be Spirit-filled to do what God has called us to do,” he remarked, urging humility and a surrendered life in service to God’s will.

Drawing from his extensive experience in ministry spanning over three decades,  Orr encouraged attendees to prioritise holiness and righteousness in their daily lives. “We must remain holy to be fit for the Master’s use as no one wants to drink from a dirty utensil”, he reiterated, quoting from Romans 12:1-2 to emphasise the importance of presenting oneself as a living sacrifice to God.

Furthermore, he underscored the necessity of preaching the entire gospel message, including its unpopular aspects such as loving one’s enemies. Quoting from Luke 24:27, he emphasised the importance of teaching and preaching the whole counsel of God to effectively disciple believers and equip them for Christian living.

“We can’t just preach what is popular, but we must preach the complete sound word of God. We must teach our people to love their enemies, pray for those that persecute you and those who despitefully use you because that is the total gospel,” he said


Reflecting on contemporary challenges facing Christianity, Orr who became a pastor at age 19, lamented the prevalence of a “microwave society” and the distortion of prosperity gospel teachings in American Christianity. He called for a return to the foundational truths of the gospel, emphasising the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as central to the Christian faith.

Addressing societal issues and the role of the church in addressing them, Orr drew parallels between the biblical story of Jonah and the present-day church. He challenged believers not to be complacent or indifferent to the world’s suffering but to actively engage in bringing about positive change.

“We cannot afford to sleep while there is a storm raging,” declared Orr, urging the church to awaken to its responsibility to be agents of hope and transformation in society.

“How can we sleep when marriage is being redefined? How can we sleep when our young ones are straying away, when our communities are filled with immorality? The time to wake up is now,” he declared, rallying believers to fulfill the Great Commission by spreading the message of Jesus Christ to all nations.

He however issued a passionate call to action, urging participants to embrace their calling to proclaim the gospel message with boldness and conviction.

As attendees departed from the conference, they were stirred by Dr. Orr’s powerful exhortation, resolved to embody the spirit-filled living he advocated and to be catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond.

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