Tolulope Arotile: Between Law And Mercy

Are there situations where mercy should be allowed to override regulations? Two of the three suspects held for mistakenly killing their friend and Nigeria’s first female fighter helicopter pilot, Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile were discharged recently by a magistrate court in Kaduna, but the driver of the car Nehemiah Adejor is to be charged for culpable homicide and criminal conspiracy in the State High Court.


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Perfect Fit For WTO

In the cesspool of corruption and continuous A-grade drama that is Nigeria, only a handful of names have stood out to tell a different story, not only in Nigerian circles but across global scenes, too. One very prominent name to reckon with is the iconic name of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who through sheer hard work […]


Covid-19, Telecommuting And Africa’s Digital Space

It is no news that the outbreak and proliferation of Covid-19 have had some of the most acute implications on global economies in recent times; the vast majority of private and public institutions have been put on edge and are being forced to mitigate these unforeseen contingencies by adopting the swiftest and most dynamic mechanisms. […]


Borno State: In The Face Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

  After more than a decade of armed conflict, outbreaks of severe malnutrition, malaria, measles and cholera, approximately 1.5 million internally displaced people in Nigeria’s Borno state now face the spectre of COVID-19. Many displaced people live in vastly overcrowded camps with poor water and sanitation facilities, limited supplies of hygiene essentials such as soap and water, […]


Aisha Saleh: How Lagos Crushes Its Promising Young

The recent decision by the Lagos State Government to ban rather than regulate okada (commercial motorcyclers) and keke Marwa (tricycles), sounds posh, innit? Big city! Oho! But beyond the urbanisation rhetoric is sprawling, gnawing poverty and misery left unaddressed: millions of people across Lagos whose survival depend on these sources of livelihood now have their […]


Trump’s Impeachment: What Can Nigeria Learn?

It was announced 18th December that the 45th President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump has been impeached by the American House of Representatives. It was news heard around the world because it had been a long time coming. After Trump asked Ukraine to look into the affairs of his political rival, former […]

Lagos And The Prospect Of A Waste Free Future 

Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin Just recently, we introduced the Blue Box initiative – a waste collection programme designed to help residents sort recyclable waste from the source, that is, at the point where an item or material is considered waste. This eliminates the landfill process for recyclables, and we see this as a long term step […]