2020: A Year Of Rewriting Negative Family History- Olukoya

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Minitries, MFM, Dr. D.K Olukoya has reeled out 33 prophesies about the new year 2020.

Speaking during the Cross Over service at the church Prayer city in Lagos, Olukoya described the year as that of extremely interesting experience, palm up and palm down.

The Prophesies

It is a year of Rewriting negative family history.

It is a year for aggressive prayers. A year of uncommon testimones. A year of it is only God testimony.

A year that captive shall be broken. A year of using the blood of Jesus to overcome. A year of when the Lord shall dash to pieces the kingdom of evil leaders.

A year when many families shall shout for victory.

A year of fervent prayers. A year that Saints must be sensitive to heavenly voices.

A year when food from the kingdom of Herod shall be cut off( only few can understand that).

A year when disobedience to God will yield terrible results no deliverance can reverse.

A year where round the clock prayer is needed against restlessness in the country. He therefore recommended one day in a week to pray and fast for Nigeria.

A year when impatient will lure many to wrong marriages.

Is a year not only to take back what the enemy has stolen from you, but to also occupy new territory.

A year of prayers to avert earthquake and fire.

Is a year of increased and unprecedented move of God.

Is a year that you can’t hold up to unforgiveness because it will make you miss out what God has for you.

It will certainly be messy and confusing.


Many leaders will be unbelievably shifted away.

All things that many have watered and planted will bloom and bring fruits.

Many who have endured season of tribulations will sing their song and dance their dance.

It’s a year when long time prodigal sons shall repent.

It is a year that we must return to ancient pathway.

It is a year of perfection of divine favour for many.

A year of harvest of negative and positive results, watch your attitudes.

A year that extraordinary and sacrificial giving will yield powerful results.

Up and down year. The Lord shall tear in pieces the kingdom of those boasting against you.

It is a season for those who had delayed blessings.

The year that the Lord will bring turning points and fresh start for many people.

It is a year more than other years that enemies plan to release dog spirit, strange sexual urge to destroy destinies through the use of two organs. The tongue and sexual organs. Sexual perversion.

What to do on the prophesies

Holy living not negotiable. Pray No nonsense prayers. Bible addiction. Self control. Sacrificial giving. Hardwork. Watchfulness.

To the MFM members, Dr. Olukoya said they must commit to practical and passionate prayers, engage in Hannah prayer and Jesus’s styles of prayer.

*He described 2020 as their year of Spiritual Revival and New Glory. Psalm 116-8, 138-7, Isaiah 60-1, Roman 8-13*

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